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Skin Rejuvanation

Morpheus8 Used Micro-needles to release radio frequency into the skin, heating it minimally. The needle penetration plus radiofrequency, causes a healing response in the body by triggering collagen and elastin which improves skin laxity. The minimal heat released into the dermis causes the skin to shrink and appear more taut and lifted. The combination of these two actions result in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Acne Treatment

Morpheus8 is shown as an effective treatment for active acne on the right candidate, in combination to a skin care regimen. The treatment can shrink the oil glands under the skin using radio frequency, preventing excess skin oil production, killing bacteria causing breakouts and reducing blemishes on the skin. 

And More

Although Morpheus8  can be used to target all the issues mentioned above you can also see secondary improvements. You might come in looking to improve acne scars but you will also see that your face looks more sculpted. Or to tighten skin after lipo and see your scars have improved. This machine is multi purpose and you can continue to see results for weeks prost- treatment

Facial Remodeling

 Morpheus8 can us RF energy and Micro-needling in a deeper level reaching all the way to the subcutaneous layer. The longer needles allow the radio frequency to target adipose with the radio frequency to destroys small, unwanted fat while dramatically boosting cells to restructure the skin from the inside out creating a more sculpted appearance.

Improves Scars

Morpheus8 uses radiofrequency (RF),  and micro-needling to help re-model and smoothen damaged and uneven skin caused by scarring. The Morpheus8 will penetrate the skin and create a micro- trauma that stimulates cell repatriation. you will see a reduction of the scars. appearance, and achieve a smoother complexion

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