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Recommended for those who plan on having plastic surgery, or had undergone surgery less than 6 months ago.


Post-Operative Care Massages are essential to promote proper healing, using your body's natural healing ability these massages are personally designed to stimulate your lymphatic system reducing inflammation and accelerating the healing process.

From facelifts to fat transfers, our trained massage therapists utilize the latest technology and techniques to help you ensure the results of your surgery.

At Aikana Esthetic Center our goal is to be a resource in your post-op care journey. Reach out to us at 703-655-8253 for any questions on Pre and Post Operative Massages or to see what treatment option is right for you. 

Shop Our Products

Shop our line of Aikana Post Surgical Garments

With variety of options to choose from these post-op items are products that we have used, and recommend to our clients

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